H.R. MacMillan Space Centre – Space Education For Vancouverites and Tourist

What is out there in the vastness of space, well if you are in Vancouver the H.R MacMillan Space Centre can help you answer some of the questions. The H.R MacMillan Space Centre features a 360 degrees planetarium where attendees will be guided through the night sky looking at planets, our solar system, and the stars beyond.
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Vancouver Aquarium – Great Place To Learn About Oceanic Life

Vancouver Aquarium front entrance
The Vancouver Aquarium features well over 70,000 amazing creatures from the ocean. Attractions range from dolphins, feeding of sea otter , beluga whale shows, , shark dives and & the the popular Amazon Gallery where animals roam free. You can also surround yourself in a 4 dimensional experience in the 4D Theatre that combines the high-definition thrill of a 3D movie with crystal clear sound effects.

Vancouver Aquarium children school education program

The Vancouver Aquarium promotes conservation of aquatic life through education, research, display ,interpretation,and direct action. The Aquarium is home to over 70,000 amazing animals. Continue reading

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Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden – Imerse Yourself In Natural Serenity

The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden is a remarkable, one of a kind garden outside of China. This garden is an authentic old garden designed and constructed in the tradition which reached its peak in years 1368 to 1644 during the Ming Dynasty. The Sun Yat-Sen Garden is a replica of the private green spaces within a Ming scholar’s residence. It features asymmetrical placement of stones and plants, curvy pathways and hall ways, and views that overlook its courtyards, the Garden is very much aligned with the feeling of nature.

During the Ming dynasty, scholars and intellectuals of that time, lived and worked in their garden, sharing these inspiring spaces with friends and family of all ages. The scholar’s garden was filled with positive energy, but also offered serene moments for reflection on life.


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